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Wordpress websites and referrals

Did you know? We now offer fully responsive websites, created with Wordpress. Ask us for details and we can help you determine if a Wordpress website will help your on-line presence.

Also, please don't forget that you will receive free updates if you refer a new client to us and we get to design a website for them. Our business is built on word-of-mouth and we hope to continue to make people happy with their new websites for many years to come!


Helping the animals at the Humane Society

The Thunder Bay and District Humane Society is a shelter for cats and dogs and one of our favourite places to volunteer. Now we are coming in on a weekly basis to take pictures of their adoptable animals. Again, as a volunteer of course!

We love giving these beautiful future pets a face and help increase their chances of getting adopted.

About BSI websites

The websites Blue Snow Imaging (or BSI for short) creates, are original and eye-catching but always easy to navigate and interesting to read. BSI offers this all for a surprisingly low price since overhead costs are kept low.

Logos / Corporate Image

Many clients need some help getting a logo or defining their corporate image. This is a service Blue Snow Imaging mainly offers to webdesign clients, to offer them a running start.
If you have an existing logo, BSI can design a website that matches. See some examples of our work.
BSI can help you present your products or services to the world, carefully keeping in mind your ideas and plans.


BSI's photography has been showcased on countless websites, on flyers and brochures and magazines. Blue Snow Imaging specializes in natural product shots and outdoor portraits.
If you are a webdesign client, you are eligible for special rates for your product shoots!


Preserving for our Future Generation

Blue Snow Imaging tries to minimize it's carbon footprint and will help you do the same! Most of BSI's business is done completely over the Internet by e-mail. Newsletters and invoices are sent by e-mail as much as possible, proposed designs are posted in a password protected area on-line and most communications are done by e-mail. This allows us to keep driving to a minimum and saves paper and ink.

By putting up a website, our clients often save on print cost as well. At least, the amount of flyers, brochures or catalogues can be greatly reduced if a copy in PDF format is available on-line.

In some cases, paper copies are completely a thing of the past. Keeping the information on a website current is much more cost-effective, and it is instantly available 24/7 to a world-wide public.

Finally, most of our website clients have chosen Ipower for their hosting. Since Ipower is offsetting all of their electricity use with wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), you can call your website "green" and get a badge to prove that to your visitors.

Click on the badge to read the certificate for more details.


Our business is mostly built on word-of-mouth. If you like your website, please share your experience with others. If a new client tells us they were referred by you, we will say "thank you" by offering free updates for your existing website. E-mail or call for details or contact us if you have any other questions.

Why Blue Snow Imaging is different

There are so many web designers...why should I choose Blue Snow Imaging? Well, we are different. Truly different.

  • We have the skills to design fully in HTML and create a unique website just for you. We have been around for 10 years and have the experience to do design efficiently while keeping an eye on sound marketing and web design strategies.
  • BSI is educated. We know how people think and read/process information. Everything we do, is based on that expertise. That is why we do lots of copy writing. You only need to give us some direction; we take it from there. You always do the final proof reading because we want to do it right!
  • We like to work with people and are good listeners. We want to hear your story so we can design a website that has you written all over it...
  • We know that the use of professional photography will build trust. With the purchase of a website we offer high-quality photography for a special rate we only offer our clients. We use a full-frame professional Nikon DSLR camera.
  • We love to help you...don't worry if you are new to the Internet and web pages. We have patience and don't mind explaining things twice if needed.
  • We keep our overhead costs low so we can offer you a professional website for a surprisingly low price.
  • We treat you like we would like to be treated. We only are satisfied if we know you are happy with the website and the process leading up to it.
  • We value each individual client. We answer the phone personally and don't mind talking to you late at night if needed. We are glad that we can help.
  • Our portfolio reaches as far as The Netherlands and Hungary!