Graphic Design

We have been doing more and more graphic design throughout the years. Think business cards, ID cards, logo design, posters and even the design for a CD cover.

Some examples and their application

Logo Design

Charis Centre Charis

This logo was designed by us in grey and a shade of pink, but we also created a yellow version that we used in the design for the Charis Centre website:

Logo Design

mustang sally vintage Mustang Sally Vintage Website

This logo was designed by us and incorporated in our webdesign as well:

Digital Drawing

kam circle  Kam Community Centre

We created this digital drawing based on a photo of a wooden sign outside the Kam Community Centre. Next, we used this as a logo on

Matching Business Card and Website

business card Website Kim

An example of a business card, with the matching website, Both designed by Blue Snow Imaging.

Logo Design

Brule Creek Farms Flour bag

The logo on the left was designed by Blue Snow Imaging. On the right you can see how it now decorates the flour bags from Brule Creek Farms.

CD Sleeve and Label Design

Kim with her new CD

Kim Erickson asked us to create the cover of her CD, the intention, the blue.


Other than this CD sleeve and and label, we have created Kim's website, her business cards and posters to promote "the intention, the blue".

If you would like to know more about Kim Erickson and her work or would like to order her CD, please visit Kim's website: