Web Design Portfolio


Breukhaven Labradors


Many years ago we created a website for this dog breeder and recently Breukhaven Labradors asked us to do a revamp!

The new hand-coded website is a modern version of the old one. It is fully mobile friendly, which means it flexes on different screen sizes. Banners fill the screen on big computers, while looking neat and in proportion on smaller screens. At the same time, we kept the overall design simple, clean and to-the-point to reflect the small-scale but high quality kennel that Breukhaven is.
The bold banner photos draw people in, the subtle colours are referring to both the old website and the colour of the dogs Breukhaven Labradors breeds, and the many testimonials and accompanying photos help build trust.

The website boasts 17 pages (including many pedigrees) but never looks cluttered and remains easy to navigate.
Quite a few of the photos were taken by Blue Snow Imaging.

Thanks Brenda, for the great communication and the enthusiasm you showed throughout the project.


Thunder Bay Chapter Harley Owners Group®


The Thunder Bay Chapter Harley Owners Group® approached us for a website. They wanted a cost effective, simple approach and wanted to be able to post events and news themselves.

Wordpress offers mobile friendly designs and plugins that have a bit of a newspaper feel, which works perfectly. It also allows the group to do their own updates with minimal training.

In the end, Blue Snow Imaging offered an extensive framework and a training session and The Thunder Bay Chapter Harley Owners Group® finished the website by entering events, news and information and photos from past events. The most recent posts automatically appear on the home page.

As this website was finished towards the end of the riding season, we expect them to fully enjoy the website starting in the spring of 2017.

Total Climate

Total Climate Sheet Metal co.


Total Climate is a local business owned by a friend and neighbour.

Tim van Reenen asked us to build his very first web site last summer and he did not know where to start. Within the timeframe of a few weeks, we helped him with a fresh looking Wordpress website that is mobile friendly and reflects Tim's honest craftsmanship. The three pillars of his business are featured on the home page, alongside some of the projects he has been working on.

On top of that, the link to the Faye Peterson House shows his desire to help others.

Most of the photos were taken bij Blue Snow Imaging, and most of the text we wrote as well, while giving Tim all the opportunities possible for suggestions and the final say in everything. This resulted in a website Tim is really proud of. It builds instant trust and boosted his sales.

We wish Tim all the best in his future endeavours and we will (of course) stay in touch!!

Growing Season

The Growing Season Juice Collective


We designed the very first website of the Growing Season. A few years later we were also asked to design the new mobile-friendly version. What a great honour!

This successful eatery in the Bay and Algoma Street Area has asked us to do multiple photo shoots over the years and as a result the new website is overflowing with pictures of colourful food and drinks.

The website features the partners of the collective and their staff working hard to give their patrons a lovely, natural meal and having fun at the same time. The pictures are of real food that was served seconds later and most partners and staff only posed for a brief moment, as there was simply no time to do more.

As a result, this website is as honest and real as it gets and instantly builds trust. Their menu makes you hungry.

Thanks to all the kind people at the Growing Season for allowing us to be in the heart of their passion: the kitchen.

You are the best!


The Supplement Store


The brand new Supplement Store wanted a website to showcase their new store and some of their products.
This website was built in Wordpress and is mobile friendly, with a big sliding banner at the top that is inviting. The home page has lots of information on it, but it easy to read and pleasant to the eye.
Social Media links, a search option, contact forms and a green colour scheme that matches the natural products they sell, are some of the other features on this website.

We enjoy working with them on the finishing touches and updates!

Thunder Bay Insulations

Thunder Bay Insulations Limited


The website for Thunder Bay Insulations has been on-line since the summer of 2014. They wanted a website to promote their business and we as Blue Snow Imaging were surprised about the incredible work Thunder Bay Insulations does. They have done huge projects and we had no idea of their role in it.

To highlight this, we decided to use big images in the header, including a collage and big buttons on the home page, which helps getting attention.

We took quite a few of the pictures as well, one photo shoot involving a tour of the huge heating and air conditioning space of an impressive, well-known local building. Can you imagine we like our job?
The text and photos help every visitor understand the differences between the several insulation techniques Thunder Bay Insulations offers.

We are glad we were able to assist this friendly and hard working family business. All the best!!


Smiles Foundation


The Smiles Foundation offers dental treatments and preventative health education to children and adults through permanent and mobile dental clinics in the Dominican Republic. They wanted to redesign their website and asked Blue Snow Imaging to assist.

We had the privilege to work with amazing, vibrant photos of the kids who were helped by the foundation. The colours in the photos inspired the selection of colours in the navigation, logo and headers.

We were able to help out with our knowledge and experience when it comes to how people process information and suggested how to present information in the most logical way.

The website offers donation buttons and several levels of navigation, along with many great photos.

We wish the Smiles Foundation all the best with their amazing work. The foundation has done some of their own updates to the website.


Law Enforcement Occupational Safety and Health (LEOSH) Association


We designed the logo for this national association, and next we were asked to design a website with many features. There was a need for a members-only section, a sign-up section, a blog and a forum. It only made sense to design their website in Wordpress, that offers all these features as plug-ins.

We are proud to add this powerful website to our line-up and are eagerly awaiting feedback and comments from the LEOSH members and hope they will find this tool helpful in the great work they do.

If you need some help setting up a Wordpress website or would like to know how it can help your business or organization, feel free to ask!

OrQuest Drilling Inc.

OrQuest Drilling Inc.


Sometimes businesses just want or need a one-page website. As a website designer, these projects often seem to be tough, since instinctively you always want to do more. Especially if there are no photos available it can be a challenge to keep the design simple yet elegant, interesting and professional.

We focussed on the colours in the logo and got it done!

Tanice Marcella


Tanice Marcella approached Blue Snow Imaging for a logo and website to promote her new business. As a personal trainer, nutrition expert and life coach she is helping people grow to their full potential. She was searching for a way to portray that in a website and had just a few rough ideas.

A keywords she gave us was "sun". And as colours for her logo she mentioned green, red and yellow.

BSI came up with a logo (including a slogan) that is simple and works well on other media such as t-shirts and business cards. The image of a rising sun in a green landscape is there, but the landscape could also be a leaf. All the images subtly connect with nature.

The big banner at the top just is a photo from our collection and screams life and happiness. The sun was added to the photo to refer back to the sun in her logo.
All photos on the website are by Blue Snow Imaging and we did a fair share of copywriting as well.

We wish Tanice all the best and hope for many more great conversations with this wonderful new client.

Thunder Bay Fasteners & Tools

Thunder Bay Fasteners and Tools

This great Thunder Bay business had a website but wanted to create a new one that would really highlight what they are all about. We listened carefully, asked many questions and even joined one of the sales representatives on his daily drive to work sites to take some cool photos.

The result of the photoshoot is partly in the banner of the website. The collage shows the location of Thunder Bay Fasteners & Tools, the service level (delivering the products to the clients) and gives a hint of both the type of products and the type of clients they have.

The rest of the website is created with their typical clients in mind and what they like to see. The navigation is straightforward and offers easy access to different sections of Thunder Bay Fasteners & Tools' catalog. The products are all situated in the left side navigation, the more general items are located in the top navigation.

Stay tuned for further plans for this website in the future.

Kleewyck Glass


Yes, we can do clean designs, too.
This one is for Kleewyck Glass and keeps the focal point on Damon Dowbak's artwork, not (just) his website.

Damon knew what he wanted and steered us in that direction while we kept and eye on pros and cons from a technical point of view. We polished and took out elements that were not absolutely necessary and yet this great artist's website ended up being vibrant and strong. It is the way minimalism can work.

Because of the way monitors produce light, stained glass can be stunning and closer to reality on computer screens than in print. We loved assisting Kleewyck Glass to use the potential of this medium to the fullest.

Thanks, Damon, and the best of luck with your website!

Carfagnini Law Office

Carfagnini www.carflaw.ca

We were asked to build a website with a top image that would be randomly picked from a set of photos, on all pages except the home page. We didn't only achieve that, we supplied the static main image on the home page and came up with a fitting slogan.

The look and feel of the website is corporate but at the same time reflects the beauty of the natural landscape and particularly the vast amount of water in the Thunder Bay area. The marine colours do give that subtle hint.
The purpose is to show that Carfagnini Law Office has strong ties with Northwestern Ontario

The website offers easy top and side navigation and is designed to never feel lost.

We are proud to add this website to our line-up.

Charis Centre

charis www.chariscentre.ca

Claudia Otto and Marzana Bates run the Charis Centre. They wanted Blue Snow Imaging to create a logo and website, with the website portraying healing.

We knew right away what picture to use from our huge collection of photos: a beaming sunrise above Lake Superior, taken late August 2012, reflecting hope, light in darkness and a connection with the earth and nature.

The website itself reflects very much what the Charis Centre is all about. No marketing language, but a clear explanation of the Physiotherapy approach, the counseling opportunities and the workshops that are being offered.

Thanks, Claudia, for your continued trust in Blue Snow Imaging. Marzana, thanks for your patience and trust as well. It was a blast working for both of you and all the best.

Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture

Cedar Grovewww.communityacupuncturetbay.ca

This new community acupuncture clinic needed a website done in about one week and sent us a lot of copy that was more or less ready to go. The partners preferred having all that information on one page only.

The elaborate design we started with was rejected as something really pretty, but not simple enough. Back to the drawing board, our biggest challenge was to let go of any frills, while still giving the website a professional look and feel.

The next challenge was to place all information in a logical, easy-to-access spot.

We ended up with a website all team players love and it shows how simplicity can really work. Despite our love for photography, we don't even miss photos on this site.

Good luck, Cedar Grove, and welcome to the Thunder Bay community.

Kam Community Centre

Kam Community Centrewww.kamcca.ca

A representative of Kam Community Centre approached Blue Snow Imaging for a website promoting the hall and the Kaministiquia township.

Blue Snow Imaging was eager to take on this project, as we know and love the rural lifestyle and had a vision on how to accomplish the goal.

We not only took on most of the photography for the website, we also created a digital version of the sign with the two birch trees that is on the building, and incorporated it in the website as a logo.

When needed, Blue Snow Imaging took the time to make everyone involved more comfortable with the technology surrounding websites.

Although this website is a two-pager for now, it still leaves a lasting impression due to the bold photohgraphy and appealing colours.

Vanderwees Farms

Vanderwees Farms


Vanderwees Farms wanted to have a website to have a web presence and Blue Snow Imaging gave them some ideas on how to make this site look appealing while having the most important contact information easily available.
We also made sure the website matches the existing logo and business card.

Vanderwees farms has been around since 1956 and is proud of its history but also focussed on the future. The website incorporates some photographs that celebrate the past, but also some that show off the modern facilities, and the great eggs they sell.
It also features a simple but effective table with the different products Vanderwees Farms is offering.

Beside the website development, Blue Snow Imaging was able to do some of the photography featured on the site as well.
Thanks, Bruce for your continued trust!

Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic


The task at hand: design a website that is simple, functional, easy to navigate and read and one that matches the existing logo. The goal: promoting a brand new naturopathic clinic. The time frame: ASAP.
Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic The end result is reflecting the logo in all respects: in the background and font colours, the simple black and white, used to offset the brightness of the rest of the colours, and in the tree which is faintly in the background in the main section and more pronounced in the side bar.
Blue Snow Imaging provided support for the content, chosen to inform and build trust while avoiding too much marketing lingo.
Blue Snow Imaging also provided some of the photographs on the website, such as one of a sleeping baby, a new sprout on a tree, a flower with a delicate drop of dew on it and a few of fruit and veggies.
In the end, the website reflects not only what the clinic is all about, but also the owners of this new venture who are dedicated to make people look at health in a different, fresh and natural way.

Good luck, Tracy and Jessica!! Thanks for your trust and kind words.

Kim Erickson


Kim Erickson website Kim Erickson is a local vocalist/musician/composer who approached Blue Snow Imaging for her web presence. The website reflects her personality and has a classy feel, due to the use of colour and fonts.

The photos give readers the subtle message that Kim has had a lengthy career and at the same time is still very active.

Blue Snow Imaging also created a video for Kim's song "Blue Horizon" and a business card that matches her website.

Good luck, Kim, with all your upcoming work and hopefully the website, video and business card will give you all you had hoped for and more. It is lots of fun working with you.


Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal Youth Achievement and Recognition Awards


This project needed to be finished within two weeks and we were able to get it done even faster. The logo got a prominent place on the website and was an inspiration for the colours that were used on each page.
Some rounded lines give the website a soft feel, while the photographs provide a look into the heart of the event that is promoted.
The design allows for pages to be added easily in the future.

Website Thunder Bay Feeds and Double D Tack

Thunder Bay Feeds/ Double D Tack


Thunder Bay Feeds and Double D Tack shop are two stores located in Murillo, Ontario that work closely together and offer a wide variety of products. They have been our client for many years and we have been their client for even longer. We were thrilled to get the chance to re-design their website for them. This time the different branches of their businesses are tied together with the use of 3 different navigation sections that come back on each page. The website got an updated look and feel, while making navigating through it even easier.

Hymers Fall Fair

Hymers Fall Fair


This is the latest website for the Hymers Fall Fair. Their old website had been around for about 5 years and needed to have a bit of a make-over. We decided to not only make the site wider, but also give it a bit more modern flair, while staying close to the classic and true country feel of the Fair. The words "Hymers Fall Fair"`are written in a bit more modern font but seem to be written on a layer of fresh red barn paint, and the other fonts and the colours feel rustic. The pictures at the top give you an impression of the activities that make the Fair what it is and give the site a festive feel.

Sunset Ridge Cattle Co. / Dr. Dan's Divine Bovine


This local farm approached us with ideas for a logo and a well laid-out plan including ready-to-go text for their website. The logo was developed first and next the website, which needed to be in Western Style and contain lots of sepia photos. On top of that, there was a tight deadline and no time to meet personally.
Effective and pleasant e-mail exchanges helped to build this eye-catching website that made the client really happy. The website features the new logo, many subtle hints to the western theme, barbed wire and maple leaves drawings created by Blue Snow Imaging, an on-line order form, many recipes and beautiful photos.
Thank you, Dan and Kelly! It was a real pleasure working with you.




Chaltrek is a Thunder Bay outdoor store.

This long-time client outgrew the former website that Blue Snow Imaging had created and decided to no longer print a paper catalogue as soon as she saw how beautiful her products looked on her new website. This way potential and long-term clients will always have access to the latest products and most current prices.
At the same time, Chaltrek saved printing costs.

This webite has been on-line for a few years now and still going strong.


Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station


The Research Station needed a website to explain who they are and display their research. The design needed to be simple but effective while incorporating their logo and using natural colours.
Blue Snow Imaging came up with a design with many smaller and bigger squares and rectangles that create a layered effect.

Len Hagendoorn

Len Hagendoorn


This website shows of the work of Len Hagendoorn: a very talented sister of one of our clients. Len lives in Austria and works in Hungary and has ties with many other countries so her website needed to feature 5 languages without becoming hard to navigate. Blue Snow Imaging found an elegant way for people to find their way around, no matter their nationality.
The site features her artwork throughout the site, making it pleasing to the eye. A gallery features her artwork that is currently for sale.
The site is set up so it can be updated by the client.

Coby de Oude

Coby de Oude


Coby de Oude (yes, family...) runs a home-based art studio in the Netherlands. However, she sells internationally regularly and wanted to extend the reach of her portfolio to a world-wide public.
We created a website for her totally based on her paintings so the website was basically a work of art in itself. Even the background of the navigation features a detail from her work.